Cosmic Creators' Cabinet: Build Your Own Arcade Machine


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  • Build your own home arcade system.
  • Fully-equipped cabinet ready for your hardware.
  • Monitor, speakers, JAMMA connectors etc all prewired.
  • Multiple internal power points for your devices.
  • Fully air-cooled, ventilated hardware cabinet.

Product Description

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Create Your Own Arcade

Build your very own arcade machine with the Cosmic Creators' Cabinet. This fully-equipped cabinet includes all the hardware and equipment you'll need, apart from your own gaming system. With an LCD screen giving optimal clarity, high-performance stereo sound with internal amplifier and control, and true arcade-standard buttons and joysticks, it's the perfect start point for your custom arcade project.

Simply add your own gaming PC, console or other system and connect it up to get all the fun and performance of a full-size arcade machine, but with your very own custom game lists, features and functions. This machine is aimed at technically-proficient gamers who are confident in building homemade game systems, but don't want the headache of assembling a cabinet from scratch.

The JAMMA connector on the Cosmic Creators' Edition arcade machine.

Fully Equipped & Ready for Your Gaming System

The two-player control console is prefitted with true arcade-standard controls; two highly responsive joysticks and 12 backlit, illuminated fire buttons (six per player), as well as additional P1/P2 select buttons on the front of the console. If you'd like to customise your machine and add your own buttons or joysticks, the console panel easily unlatches and flips over for access to the control mounts.

Front buttons on the Cosmic Creators' Edition arcade machine.

The joystick and button inputs are pre-wired to a JAMMA edge connector, meaning the cabinet is instantly compatible with many of the thousands of new and second hand arcade game boards available. On top of that, the JAMMA connector comes pre-connected to a USB control board, which converts the joystick movements and button presses to keyboard key presses - enabling easy setup with any devices that support USB keyboard input.

Inside the hinged, lockable front door you'll find a large, open cavity, complete with internal shelving. This is where you'll install your game hardware. This space is ventilated and air-cooled with a built-in fan, to keep your hard-working technology cool. The door is fitted with 'coin' and 'on/off' buttons, all prewired and ready to be connected. Also in here you'll find the adjustable stereo amplifier, complete with volume, treble and bass controls, as well as stereo balance. This is all prewired and ready to plug into your game system.

Controls on the Cosmic Creators' Edition arcade machine.

True Arcade-Standard Cabinet & Components

The cabinet itself is built to true arcade standard, with tough, thick plywood panels and chromed metal edging trims. At the rear of the machine is the UK mains power cable socket, an Ethernet port, and the master on/off switch. The control console is delicately angled at the optimal incline for resting forearms and wrists during long gaming sessions, and the stereo speakers are mounted overhead and angled down at the player.

The screen is a 20-inch flatscreen LCD monitor with full, vibrant colour and clarity. It's mounted at a shallow angle and recessed into the cabinet body to avoid glare, whilst the marquee overhead is fully illuminated for that authentic arcade look. The cabinet is mounted on castor wheels so it can be easily pushed around, and screw-down stoppers anchor it securely into position when you're done. Four USB sockets on the front door allow you to easily connect additional controllers and devices.

The cooling fan on the Cosmic Creators' arcade machine.

Pre-Wired, Pre-Built & Waiting for Your Game Centre

As you can see, we've taken care of all the boring stuff, so you don't have to. Simply install your game centre, whether it's a PC, a console, or a more bespoke, unique system running from an Raspberry Pi or similar. Connect it to all the pre-wired features like the mains power, audio system, monitor and control panel, and you're ready to set it up and start playing.

The Cosmic Creators' Cabinet is the ideal way to build your own fully-customised, bespoke home arcade machine with consummate ease. It's the ultimate head start for your next custom arcade project.

Key Features

  • Fully-equipped arcade-standard cabinet.
  • Supplied with no game board, PC or game system - add your own!
  • Cavernous, air-cooled internal space for your technology of choice.
  • Controls wired to JAMMA edge connector for instant, wide compatibility with thousands of game boards.
  • Double-locking front access hatch with credit & power buttons.
  • Stereo sound system with built-in adjustable amplifier.
  • 20-inch high-clarity 1600 x 1200 LCD screen recessed behind toughened glass.
  • Full arcade-standard 2-player controls: 1 joystick & 6 illuminated buttons per player.
  • Control console flips over to allow access to control mounts - upgrade your joysticks & buttons!
  • P1/P2 start buttons on console front.
  • Mounted on four castor wheels for mobility, with screw-down stoppers.
  • Bright, unique vinyl graphics & illuminated top marquee.
  • Four USB ports for extra controllers & devices.
  • Ethernet port.
  • Fully CE-approved.
  • 240v mains power with cable included.
  • Cabinet supplied pre-assembled & in one piece - ready to add your hardware.
  • This product is aimed at experienced, technically-proficient gamers.
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73.1 cm (28 34 inches)
59.4 cm (23 38 inches)
160 cm (63 inches)
85 kg (187 lbs)
Shipping Width
62 cm (24 716 inches)
Shipping Length
77 cm (30 516 inches)
Shipping Height
162 cm (63 34 inches)
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87 kg (192 lbs)
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Multi Game
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Coin Operated

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