Cosmic Supernova 6000 Multi Game Arcade Machine


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  • Over 6,000 games on one machine.
  • Easy to use - just plug in & play!
  • Thousands of arcade classics + console icons.
  • Arcade-standard joysticks & backlit fire buttons.
  • Tough wooden cabinet on castor wheels with brakes.

Product Description

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The Cosmic arcade machine controls.

The Biggest Collection of Arcade Classics Around

The Supernova arcade machine presents to you the biggest collection of video game classics around. The Cosmic Supernova gets you right into the action, allowing you to play over 6,000 games at the push of a button.

With a super-simple menu system, intuituve arcade-standard game controls and an easy-navigate game menu, the Cosmic Supernova is truly plug 'n' play.

All Your '70s, '80s & '90s Favourites

The game list has been carefully curated to include thousands of legendary games you'll remember from the amusement arcades of yesteryear. In addition, you'll find some of the biggest titles from leading 1990s games consoles, like the Master System, Megadrive and even the Atari 2600.

Click this button to see the whole game list. Browse the list and spot the ones you used to play the most, or use the search function to quickly find your favourite title.

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The illuminated fire buttons on the Cosmic arcade.

Precision Arcade Joysticks & Backlit Buttons

The cabinet itself is built in thick MDF, easily tough enough to withstand the knocks of a commercial arcade environment - or a busy family home. The joysticks and illuminated fire buttons are true arcade-standard, giving you the responsiveness you need to hit the high score every time.

The cabinet itself is mounted on wheels, so you can easily move it around. Wind-down stoppers are used to lock the cabinet into position. At the top, a backlit marquee gives the Cosmic Supernova that classic arcade look.

So Easy to Load & Play

You'll find all the classics available to play on the Cosmic Supernova. Whether you cut your teeth on the early videogames like Pac-Man, Galaga or Frogger, or found your niche in the second-generation games like Street Fighter, Sonic or After Burner, all the greatest games are right here, ready to play.

game screenshots

No matter what your gaming history, you'll find endless memories among the 6,000 games on the list. And it couldn't be easier to get started. Just plug it in, connect to your wifi or ethernet, find your favourite game and load it up!

Key Features

  • Play over 6,000 of the biggest video games in history.
  • Easy-to-use menu system. Just find your favourite & load it up at the push of a button.
  • 20-inch LCD flatscreen monitor under toughened safety glass.
  • Arcade-standard joysticks with responsive action.
  • Backlit fire buttons.
  • For one or two players.
  • Immersive stereo sound with all the game music & sound effects you love.
  • Illuminated top marquee.
  • Castor wheels for easy movement, with brakes.
  • Mains powered - plug lead included.
  • Saves high scores in-game (does not save high scores after you exit the game).
  • Design registration: 6065934.
  • Pre-assembled & ready to play.
  • Wifi/ethernet connection required.
  • You are being supplied with a quality gaming cabinet, the cabinet has been set up to instantly access and play the games that are listed above. The games are provided free of charge and not considered part of the sale price.

Take a Seat

A high stool for arcade machines.

With 6,000 games to explore, you're gonna need somewhere comfortable to sit. With a faux leather seat pad, adjustable height and a footrest, it means you can concentrate on the game, and not on your legs. Add the Galaxy stool to your order now.

Only £69 each, including free delivery - learn more.

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Product Reviews

Customer Rating:

Reviewed by: becky spruce

Monday 29th May 2023

Lots of fun and nostalgia!
Customer Rating:

Reviewed by: Trev Ellis

Thursday 6th October 2022

Supernova 6000 arcade machine arrived on time and was fully set up so that I could start gaming as soon as the guys from Liberty Games left. It's a great machine that is better than I had hoped. Looking forward to playing all the games I grew up with.
Customer Rating:

Reviewed by: Jenny Dunwell

Tuesday 22nd March 2022

This machine is awesome! So much game play and takes us back to our youth lol! my 13 year old son is enjoying it too! Many hours of fun to be had!
Customer Rating:

Reviewed by: Pauline Stevens

Wednesday 26th January 2022

Excellent machine. It’s so lovely finding old games that we played in our youth and hopefully the grandchildren will enjoy just as much as we do
Customer Rating:

Reviewed by: Mike Turner

Thursday 15th July 2021

Everything was perfect from the initial order, communication for delivery and the installation was very good. The video game is absolutely brilliant!
Customer Rating:

Reviewed by: Anonymous

Thursday 6th May 2021

Brilliant service from start to finish. Gentlemen delivering the machine extremely pleasant and helpful. Machine easy to setup. Tremendous array of games from the past. Would totally recommend this machine, especially during long cold winter nights when there is rubbish on TV.
Customer Rating:

Reviewed by: Anonymous

Monday 15th February 2021

Huge choice of games ranging from late ‘70s to early 2000s. Superb!


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Product Details
73.1 cm (28 34 inches)
59.4 cm (23 38 inches)
160 cm (63 inches)
85 kg (187 lbs)
Shipping Width
62 cm (24 716 inches)
Shipping Length
77 cm (30 516 inches)
Shipping Height
162 cm (63 34 inches)
Shipping Weight
87 kg (192 lbs)
Key Information
Multi Game
Cabinet Type
Coin Operated
12 month warranty

Q&A (9)

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2 votes
Hi, I asked a question asking if this model with the 6000 games is coin operated but you said this model in not, however the picture clearly shows a coin slot at the front next to on/off button. What is the coin slot used for? Thank you.
This model will not be coin operated, there is a "coin" button on the front of the cabinets to allow you to manually add credits to play the games.
Asked by Pauline. Answered by Rob on 12th July 2020
2 votes
Hi, with this machine you state it's not coin operated which is fine, however if i click the coin button would there be a slot to add coins in so i can add credits onto the games or does it automatically add credits to the game when you click the coin button without actually inputting any coins when pressing the button?
The coin button adds credit to the machine, there is no use of coins on this machine.
Asked by Matthew. Answered by Rob on 8th August 2020
2 votes
The description says it needs internet access, what is this for? Are the games preloaded, so are instant to play?
This is required as the games are streamed via the internet. The games are not preloaded.
Asked by ChrisJ. Answered by Joe on 13th August 2020
1 vote
Can this be coin operated the same as the version with less games?
These model machines cannot be coin operated I'm afraid.
Asked by Pailine. Answered by Joe on 11th July 2020
1 vote
Can you preset your favourite games so you don’t have to trawl through 6000 every time to find it?
Yes you can select games to put into a favourites list.
Asked by Pauline. Answered by Joe on 3rd October 2020
1 vote
Is it possible to have a gun option for gun games like time crisis and point blank?
I'm afraid not.
Asked by Pob. Answered by Joe on 20th July 2020
1 vote
Does the arcade need WiFi or Ethernet connection at all times Or just for set up? As I intend to keep the arcade in a building away from the home which has electric only and I've no chance of getting WiFi to the building.
Yes this is required as the games are streamed via the internet.
Asked by Pob. Answered by Joe on 13th August 2020
1 vote
How do you switch between games? Is there a menu button/reset button? Or do you have to unplug?
When on a game, holding the player 1 and player 2 buttons together will bring you back to the main menu.
Asked by Steven Jones. Answered by Joe on 4th October 2021
1 vote
Can you adjust the volume and/or add a bluetooth headset?
The volume can be adjusted though the machine is not compatible with a Bluetooth headset.
Asked by Ian. Answered by Joe on 6th January 2022
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