PAC-MAN’s Pixel Bash Cabaret Multi Arcade Machine

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  • 32 iconic games from Bandai Namco Entertainment ready to play!
  • Special 'Cabaret' compact free-play cabinet.
  • Precision 4-way joystick & ambidextrous buttons.
  • 19-inch LCD monitor & stereo sound.
  • Tough, commercial-grade cabinet.

Product Description

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The Pixel bash Cabaret arcade machine controls.

Built By Namco Exclusively for Your Private Games Area

It's Pac-Man! The most famous and munchiest videogame character ever is back, in a special 'Cabaret' Pixel Bash cabinet that's slightly more compact than the standard Pixel Bash machine. It's designed specifically for free-play use in homes and office breakout areas. This official Namco cabinet is fully licensed and accurate, for a truly authentic Pac-Man experience!

Launched in 1980, Pac-Man was one of the first videogames to explode into widespread acclaim. Its popularity hasn't waned in the following decades, and it's still seen as one of the most important, and most enjoyable, videogames ever produced! And in this special cabinet, there's an extra 31 hit Namco games to explore and enjoy.

The Namco Pac-Man Pixel Bash Cabaret screen.

Official Game from Bandai Namco Entertainment, with Over 30 Hit Titles

Enter the game menu and discover a huge collection of Namco classics. Explore those timeless icons like Dig Dug, Dragon Buster and Rolling Thunder. Fly into outer space and wage intergalactic war in Galaga, Galaxian and Xevious. Or try out Metro-Cross, Motos, New Rally X, and so many more. The Pac-Man Cabaret is packed with Namco's biggest '80s hits!

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But don't worry - for the purists, there are lots of Pac-Man titles to play too. There's the original Pac-Man, as well as Pac-Man Plus, Ms. Pac-Man, Pac Mania, Pac & Pal and Super Pac-Man. With a game list like this, all preloaded and ready to play, you'll be kept busy for a lifetime! Check out the full game list on the button.

The Namco Pac-Man Pixel Bash Cabaret cabinet artwork.

Adjustable Game Settings, 19-Inch Screen & Stereo Sound

The Cabaret version is intended for free-play environments. The coin mech is purely for decoration - no coins needed! But it's still manufactured to those same Namco commercial standards, making this a tough, durable and long-lasting arcade machine. The 19-inch LCD colour screen complements those original game graphics beautifully, and stereo sound (with volume control) ensures you'll hear all those classic sound effects and that legendary in-game music with perfect clarity.

With various adjustable game elements, such as difficulty, speed, lives and bonus points, you can tailor your cabinet to suit your skill level. The Pac-Man Pixel Bash Cabaret Edition, with its precision 4-way joystick and sensitive ambidextrous fire buttons, is suitable for one player or two (two-player games will be turn-based). If you're looking to rediscover that amazing atmosphere of the 1980s amusement arcade in your own home, then look no further!

Key Features

  • 31 Namco licenced games: Bosconian™, DigDug™, Dragon Spirit™, Galaga™, Galaga 88™, Galaxian™, Mappy™, PAC-MAN™, Ms. Pac-Man™, Pac-Mania™, Rally-X™, Rolling Thunder™, Xevious™, Baraduke™, Dragon Buster™, DigDug II™, Tower of Druaga™, Gaplus™, Grobda™, Hopping Mappy™, King & Balloon™, Metro-Cross™, Motos™, New Rally-X™, Pac & Pal™, PAC-MAN Plus™, Rompers™, Skykid™, Skykid Deluxe™, Splatterhouse™, Super PAC-MAN™, Super Xevious™, ©Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.
  • Authentic, fully licensed Namco titles.
  • Tough, commercial-standard cabinet with themed graphics.
  • Authentic arcade-grade joystick & buttons.
  • Ability to return each game to factory settings.
  • Dummy coin mech only (cannot be activated).
  • 19-inch LCD screen.
  • True commercial grade construction.
  • Adjustable volume & various game settings.
Full One Year Warranty on Arcade Machines

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Product Details
84 cm (33 116 inches)
53 cm (20 78 inches)
152 cm (59 1316 inches)
Key Information
Multi Game
Cabinet Type
Coin Operated
12 Month Warranty

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