Sega House of the Dead 4 Midi Arcade Machine

Refurbished horror themed arcade video game!

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  • Delivers graphics and sound approaching motion picture quality
  • Fully reconditioned by Liberty Games technicians

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Product AboutAbout This Product

Manufacturer: Sega

Year of Release: 2005

About the Game

Sometimes you can't run... You can't hide... You have to fight.

This is one of those times.

In 2000, the evil genius Dr. Goldman led his army of the undead in an attack against humanity. He lost the battle then... Will he lose the war now?

You are an AMS agent - a paramilitary force created by free world governments to stop the spread of terrorism and other global threats.

You know this enemy, after facing him the last time he and his legions of zombies crawled to the surface.

After your last encounter, Goldman went back underground to rebuild his forces for a new assault.

That day has arrived..!

Game Features

  • Sega's new Lindbergh hardware system delivers graphics and sound approaching motion picture quality
  • A new weapon - your main weapon is a modified version of a sub-machine gun

  • New reload technique - a simple shake of your sub-machine gun delivers a new clip of rounds
  • Hand grenade - push the button on the side of your sub-machine gun and watch your character toss a fragmentation grenade at the enemy
  • Hand to hand combat - if a zombie gets hold of you, shake your sub-machine gun to break free
  • Zombies! Zombies! Everywhere! 21 different types of zombies are joined by 3 kinds of mutant animals and 6 stage ending bosses!
  • 6 challenging stages with many player-selected routes deliver a new gameplay experience with just about every game!

Product InformationMore Information

  • All games operate as "plug in and play" with an on/off switch located to the rear or underneath
  • Liberty Games recommend that video game equipment is kept at room temperature
  • Please note: cabinet may vary from what is shown - this product is subject to a refurbishment process by trained Liberty Games technicians and is supplied with a 6 month warranty if used commercially or 12 months if used domestically - parts repair/replacement only
Full One Year Warranty on Arcade Machines

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Key Information
Cabinet Type
Coin Operated
Cabinet Type
Coin Operated
6 Month Commercial / 12 Month Domestic Parts Repair / Replacement

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2 votes
What are the measurements of the midi system, height . Width . Depth etc.. I need to know to find out if it will fit in my flat. Thank you
Approximate dimensions are 94" high x 60" wide x 76" deep.
Asked by Colm. Answered by Joe on 13th June 2019
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