Tomb Raider Arcade Machine

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  • Play as Lara Croft!
  • 4 player cooperative.
  • Based on Square Enix's Tomb Raider.
  • 120- or 65-inch screen.
  • Coin-op or freeplay.

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The Lara Croft Legend Returns

This striking coin-operated arcade machine sees the iconic Lara Croft making her return to treasure hunting in this fantastic four-player Tomb Raider arcade game, boasting a choice of two screen sizes of 120-inch or 65-inch, and a unique gameplay experience.

This version brings Square Enix's Tomb Raider from the home console to the arcades, with frantic four-player action displayed on a giant, bright and colourful screen.

A screenshot from Tomb Raider

Up to 4 Players

Up to four players can play in this intense, heart-racing shooting game. Pitted against three stunning chapters with five sections each, this is sure to challenge even the most weathered of gaming gunslingers. Team up with friends to tackle waves of increasingly difficult enemies or go it alone and put your light gun skills to the ultimate test. With 20 minutes of fast-paced arcade action, players can be sure to be challenged right up to the very end.

Lara Croft first appeared in the 1996 home console game Tomb Raider, developed by Eidos Interactive and made for PC, PlayStation and Sega Saturn. More than a decade later, this arcade title shows all the hallmarks of the classic series' gameplay, but with a modern twist allowing for updated and thrilling gameplay.

A screenshot from Tomb Raider

Two Versions to Choose From

Lara has found herself stranded on an unfamiliar island, which is packed full of angry, rabid animals and unfriendly soldiers. With the help of her companions, get her away from danger and perhaps pick up the odd treasure and artefact on the way. At the end of each act, players are scored based on their accuracy and the number of items they have managed to collect during the game.

Color-coding of each player ensures there's no confusion over who is aiming at what, with brightly coloured lights on the arcade cabinet assigned to each light gun. This sturdy and striking arcade machine comes with four weighted light guns, designed to look and feel life-like, each equipped with high-accuracy tracking ability and quick reloading action. Both the 65-inch and the 120-inch screens present Lara in glorious HD graphics, and provide engaging colourful gameplay.

This cabinet offers the option of coin operation or card swipe operation.

Key Features

  • Based on Square Enix's 2013 title of the same name.
  • Unique arcade experience.
  • Rework of the original Tomb Raider console releases.
  • Three exciting story-driven gameplay chapters.
  • Collect items and artefacts to boost your score.
  • Skill-centric game.
  • Beautiful 65-inch or 120-inch screen
  • Detailed cabinet decals.
  • Four reloading light gun pistols.
  • Multiplayer.
  • 1080p projection display.
  • Detailed and realistic pistols.
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Choose version : 65-inch screen
140 cm (55 18 inches)
168 cm (66 18 inches)
257 cm (101 316 inches)
Choose version : 120-inch screen
107 cm (42 18 inches)
272 cm (107 116 inches)
282 cm (111 inches)
Key Information
2 Plus
Cabinet Type
Coin Operated

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