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  • Powerful, ultra-realistic sports sim.
  • 27 sports preloaded & ready to play.
  • Advanced movement-tracking tech.
  • Awesome surround screen option.
  • Lots of upgrades & extras available.

Product Description

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Your Hyper-Realistic Sports Simulation

Immerse yourself in the most realistic sports and games simulations around! Using real accessories and props, such as balls, racquets, bats and of course your own body, you can create an entire football stadium or sports arena in a tiny space!

The powerful movement tracking cameras monitor all movement in the game zone, whether you're kicking a ball, swinging a club or jumping for an overhead shot. This is instantly converted into the game universe, so you can see your shot travel directly onto the big projection screen in front of you. It's incredibly clever and about as realistic as it gets.

Playing the HD sports simulator.

Expand Your Simulator with Surround Screens

This mid-level HD Professional Sports Simulator features a dual overhead USB camera system, offering improved tracking accuracy over the single camera system of its sibling, the HD Sports Simulator. This camera detects movement and converts it into the game universe projected by the projector unit behind the game zone, following the travel of your ball or body to calculate how to represent the shot.

As standard, the HD Professional is supplied in a single-screen, front-only format. But you can upgrade your simulator to include three projection units and additional screens at the sides, giving you a really spectacular surround environment. The Surround option really does create the ultimate experience in virtual reality.

Sports Simulator Games menu.

27 Different Sports Preloaded

The HD Professional comes crammed with preloaded game software. Ready to play, you'll find 27 different sports including Football, Golf (including both GPS and GSX Golf games), Rugby Union, Ice Hockey, Cricket and much more. All are played in superbly-rendered stadiums and sports venues, with multiple venue options available for each sport. See the full package description below for more information on the games included.

If you perhaps don't need 27 different sports, you could consider the cheaper HD Sports Simulator, which gives you a simple choice of two preloaded games. This is ideal if you only want to play Golf and Football, for example. At the other end of the spectrum is the HD Super Sports Simulator, which includes a whopping 60 sports across 3,600 game venues. Whichever you choose, you can be sure of awesome realism in every package.

Games mode on the Sports Simulator.

Try Special Game Challenges, Modes & Missions

Within each game there are challenges, missions and goals to try, including Match Play and Contest Play. Many are cooperative game modes, so you can challenge friends, business contacts and even your family to competitions.

The software is up to date and ready to play, and you'll get any necessary updates in the future as your game system requires, free of charge. Other features, such as custom branding on pitch-side hoardings, footballs and other surfaces, are easy to set up, and you can even apply your own videos to the screens in stadiums.

The footprint of the sports simulator.

Check Your Space

The HD Professional requires a lot of space to allow the projectors the distance to correctly render the game content on the screens. You'll need at least 3.5m in width by 6m in depth for the single screen version, and 2.8m in height for ground-based games like football. Games where accessories require swing room (like golf) require a height of 3.2m.

The surround screen version needs a wider space - around 5m across the game area. This is so the side-mounted projectors have the distance to project onto each of the side screens. So measure carefully before your order, and do call us for advice if needed. When delivered, our team will install and calibrate your simulator for you, leaving it ready to fire up and play.

The Sports Simulator guns and camara upgrade.

Options & Upgrades

There's plenty of scope for upgrades to the HD Professional. The 4k projector (Single Screen only) creates a crisper, more clear image on the screen, and a 21-inch touchscreen pad gives you better control over the game system, as opposed to the traditional keyboard and mouse. Three standard grass golf mats are included with this simulator, but you might want to try the multi-surface golf mats, which simulate playing in rough grass and bunkered grass.

There are also additional themed game packages, allowing you to play shooting, racing or flight sim games on your simulator. Each includes the necessary hardware to create an authentic control hub, whether that's a steering wheel and gearshift for racing, a control yoke and throttles for flight sims, or precision light guns for shooting. Make your choice in the menu above.

The different package types available.

Three Packages to Choose From

The Sports Simulator comes in three packages - each with the option of Single (front only) or Surround Screens.

This is the HD Professional Sports Sim, the mid-range version. It's equipped with a dual overhead camera system, which tracks movements and gestures in the game zone. It also comes with three infrared lights, which assist the tracking cameras by illuminating accessories in infrared.

The other versions are the HD Sports Sim and the HD Super Sports. The HD Sports Sim is the basic setup, with a single overhead detection camera and a choice of two game packs. The Super Sports Simulator comes with a triple camera system, four infrared lights and a huge game pack that includes 60 different sports. Click and expand the image here for more information on each package.

Key Features

  • Super-realistic sports simulator.
  • Real-time movement & gesture tracking.
  • With 27 different sports simulations preloaded & ready to play.
  • Immersive Surround Screen option available.
  • Dual USB camera system with three IR lights.
  • HD projector & quality projection screen.
  • Optional 4k projector upgrade (single screen only).
  • Grass floor & golf mats included.
  • All future game & software included.
  • Package includes all necessary technical hardware: cameras, projectors, cabling, CPU, HD projection screen, frames, cables & more.
  • Various optional upgrades & extras.
  • Full installation, setup & one-year support included.
  • Please carefully measure your space and refer to the illustration in the listing before purchase.
  • One-year tech support package/warranty included. Further extensions available.

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