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  • The ultimate multi-sport simulator.
  • Preloaded with 60 sport packages.
  • Ultra high tech movement tracking.
  • Smooth, fluid gameplay & video.
  • Highly configurable with lots of options.

Product Description

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Your Hyper-Realistic Sports Simulation

If you're looking for the most high-tech, dynamic, immersive sports simulation - well, you've just found it. The HD Super Sports Simulator creates an AR game zone where all gestures, movements, ball shots and bat swings are tracked and converted into control movements for sports video games.

Triple USB movement detection cameras pick up anything that moves, including the smallest objects like golf balls. Movement is calculated and fed into the game software, and the shot is then projected on to projections screens around the game zone. You can choose from scores of different sports in thousands of different stadiums, pitches and environments. It's the most natural way to simulate sporting gameplay - and it could be yours!

Playing HD sports simulator.

Expand Your Simulator with Surround Screens

The HS Super Sports Sim uses a triple movement detection camera system alongside four infrared lights, which enable the cameras to pick up movement more easily. This is the most accurate mapping hardware available on these simulators, detecting even the smallest objects moving at very high speeds with excellent precision (for example, golf balls). Once detected, the movement is used by the processing software to recreate the exact physics of the shot and transfer this into the game.

The simulator comes with a single front-only projection screen and projector. However, you can upgrade this to include three projectors and screens, two of which are placed at either side for 270-degree surround vision. This is as immersive as sports videogaming gets!

Sports Simulator Game menu.

60 Different Sports Preloaded

The Super Sports Simulator is the most comprehensive sports simulation package available. Preloaded into the simulator are 60 different sports, with 1,450 different game challenges to master. And there are over 3,600 sporting venues individually rendered, so you can play almost anywhere in the world! Try your hand at golf (including both GSX and GPS Golf), football, ice hockey, tennis, bowling, lacrosse, beach volleyball, rounders, cricket and so much more. See the full package description below for more information on the games included.

For those who need fewer games, the HD Professional Sports Simulator includes a more moderate number of 27 different sports. Yet it's still preloaded with the most popular sports, giving you loads of games to discover and master. And for those who only need one or two games, the HD Sports Simulator arrives with your choice of two games preloaded - ideal for those specialists with just a couple of themes. But whichever simulator you go for, the gameplay is always awesome.

Games mode on the Sports Simulator.

Try Special Game Challenges, Modes & Missions

Explore each sport to discover challenges, missions and game modes that are perfect for solo players and for cooperative play. This makes the Super Sports Simulator ideal for social environments, where lots of people are up for the challenge!

Free software updates are included, meaning that the simulator stays up to date. You'll also receive regular content updates too, as the developers create new stadiums, options, gameplay features and more. Apply custom branding to surfaces in the games, such as advertising hoardings, team strips, footballs and even use pitch-side video screens to play your promotional clips!

The footprint of the sports simulator.

Check Your Space

Ensure you have enough space for the HD Super Sports Simulator. To operate correctly, the projectors need to be positioned at a certain distance from the projector screens, so you'll need an area 3.5m wide by 6m long, with a ceiling of at least 2.8m (or 3.2m for games involving overhead action, such as golf).

If you opt for the Surround Screen option, you'll need more width for the side projectors. A width of 5m is recommended for optimal performance with Surround Screen. If you've got enough space, simply place your order and our team will create, install and calibrate your simulator, so you're ready to play.

The Sports Simulator camaras upgrade.

Options & Upgrades

Build your ultimate simulator using the optional upgrades. Adding a 4k projector crisps up the image on the projection screens, with lots of extra sharpness, clarity and better colour representation (available for Single Screen package only). You can add a 21-inch touchscreen control too, to manage the system more intuitively than with the keyboard and mouse. And you'll get three golf mats included, designed to offer realistic grass-based play. You can add multi-surface mats if you like, which allow you to practice playing on simulated Rough Grass and Bunkered Grass.

And if you want to really unlock the full potential of the simulator, add one of the themed game packages. There are three, based around flight, shooting and car racing. Each package includes the game software as well as high-quality controllers, such as flight yoke and throttles for the flight sim, a quality wheel and gearshift for the racing sim, and precision laser-based light guns for the shooting sim. They really do add a whole new dimension to the Super Sports Simulator.

The different package types available.

Choose from Three Great Packages

The Sports Simulator comes in three packages - each with the option of Single (front only) or Surround Screens.

This listing is for the HD Super Sports Sim, which is the high-end version. It's equipped with a triple overhead camera system, which tracks movements and gestures in the game zone with better precision than the other simulators in the range. The infrared lights in the packages illuminate the game zone with infrared, assisting the cameras to detect and measure movement. This Super Sports Sim includes four.

The other versions are the HD Sports Sim and the HD Professional Sports. The HD Sports Sim is the most basic version, with a single overhead detection camera and a choice of any two game packs preloaded. The Professional Sports Simulator sits in the mid-range with a twin USB camera system, three IR lights and 27 sport games preinstalled. Click and expand the image here for more information on each package.

Key Features

  • The ultimate multi-sports simulator.
  • Cutting-edge movement tracking.
  • Loaded with 60 different sportsto play & master.
  • Immersive Surround Screen option available.
  • Triple USB camera system with four IR lights.
  • HD projector & quality projection screen.
  • 4k projector upgrade optional (Single Screen only).
  • Includes grass floor & golf mats.
  • All future updates & tech support included.
  • Package includes all necessary technical hardware: cameras, projectors, cabling, CPU, HD projection screen, frames, cables & more.
  • Various optional upgrades & extras.
  • One-year tech support package/warranty included. Further extensions available.
  • Please carefully measure your space and refer to the illustration in the listing before purchase.

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