Infla-Table Foot Pump Portable Air Hockey Table

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  • Go-anywhere air hockey table.
  • Includes special foot pump.
  • Create your very own strong, low-friction breeze.
  • More convenient for outdoor fun than a dog.
  • Alpine Breeze air upgrade available.

Product Description

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Play Air Hockey Anywhere

Take your game of air hockey into the Great Outdoors. The Infla-Table Foot Pump Portable Air Hockey Table is ready to play anywhere, anytime, anyplace. It sets up in a few minutes and is ready for the whole family to enjoy.

Our customers have used these on campsites and beaches, car parks and war zones. Easily carried by two people, it's a cheaper, lower-maintenance, funner alternative outdoor pursuit to walking a dog. With Infla-Table, the world is your oyster.

A foot pump air hockey table outdoors

Based on the Best-Selling Jet

The design is based on the successful Jet air hockey table. This means it shares the Jet's high-quality cabinet, stable legs and low-friction gloss playfield. It also has a puck return behind each goal for easy restarts and an electronic scorer with goal detection (240v mains plug required).

Each leg has an individual adjuster, making it a fast job to level this table ready for play. Once you're all set up and ready to go, grab the included pushers and pucks to start your game, and pump away like a lonely bunny on a fluffy slipper.

The foot pump provided with the air hockey table

Included Special Foot Pump

Included with the Infla-Table, the pump simply plugs into the underneath of the playfield and provides a cushion of powerful, constant air. Its easy-pump action means that most healthy people should be able to pump for at least two minutes - plenty of time for a great game. Pregnant women, the elderly and anyone with a heart condition should seek advice before use.

Just plug it in and start pumping. Soon you'll have built up enough of a breeze to make the puck float on the table. Pump harder for a more lively game or slower for an easier game. The versatile air pump can also be used to fill airbeds, novelty lilos and those inflatable sheep that people take on stag dos.

Refillable bag of air hockey table air

Air Upgrade Available

Table not fast enough? Choose to add our special Alpine Breeze Air Hockey Table Air for a more robust air current. Simply plug our refills into your foot pump's air inlet and feel the power.

Alpine Breeze Air Hockey Table Air is produced in the Himalayas by genuine Sherpa air farmers. As it's a high-altitude air, it is lighter and colder, giving you a more lively game. Should be stored in fridge.

The accessories provided with the table

Accessories Included

Also included with your table are two pucks and two pushers. Each puck is designed to skim the surface like a tiny out-of-control hovercraft, providing a thrilling game full of ricochets and stretched tricep muscles.

The Infla-Table Foot Pump Portable Air Hockey Table is your doorway into a wider world of air hockey. Step up and feel the heady gusts of natural air hockey.

Key Features

  • The world's only foot pump-powered air hockey table.
  • Portable & versatile.
  • Based on the successful Jet table.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • High-airflow foot pump.
  • 6ft cabinet with gloss playfield.
  • Responsive rails for lively rebound.
  • Adjustable feet for easy levelling.
  • Accessories included & upgrades available.
  • Take regular rest breaks when operating the Infla-Table. Stop if you feel faint or ill. Liberty Games accepts no responsibility for death, injury or pulled muscles arising as a result of use.

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