Trump v Kim: Nuclear Foosball

Perhaps the world’s most knife-edge diplomatic crisis in decades is coming to a head.

The Nuclear Foosball table
US President Donald Trump and DPRK Leader Kim Jong Un are due to meet for some of the most hotly-anticipated talks in the history of the planet. Their countries are still in a state of war, albeit under a truce that has held since the 1950s.

But with Trump’s stream-of-consciousness Twitter feed throwing out constant controversy, and Jong Un’s sudden thawing of relationships with South Korea, will it actually happen?

The Nuclear Foosball table
The bookies are currently undecided, which is why Liberty Games has come up with a substitute.

The best way to settle this dispute is not with thermonuclear-tipped cruise missiles or a carrier-borne strike force, but with one of our great table football tables. Best of three. No hits to the groin or throat.

Trump and Kim play foosball

Donald Trump foosball players on Nuclear Foosball table
Now you can play as either the leader of the free world, or the rogue state leader with a penchant for nuclear weapons. And the best thing? Whatever the result, no nation states are going to be vapourised. The rest of the world can go about its business peacefully.

Liberty Games named this the Nuclear Foosball, in a nod to the ‘Nuclear Football’ briefcase that is kept with the President at all times and contains the launch codes for the USA’s nuclear weapons.

The art on the Nuclear Foosball table

Foosball player figure of Donald Trump

At Liberty Games, we firmly believe that a foosball table is the best kind of negotiating table (ok you might be able to pursuade us on a table tennis table as well), and the ideal way to resolve international crises. Our skills are available to the diplomatic services of any friendly country.

And of course, we’d like to extend a cordial invitation to Mr Trump and Mr Jong-Un to come to Epsom and play a game together.

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un make friends over foosball


Trump & Kim play foosball
Kim Jong-Un foosball player
The Kim & Trump players on the Nuclear Foosball
The side of the Nuclear Foosball table
The side of the Nuclear Foosball table
3D printed Trump heads for nuclear foosball
Trump & Kim heads for Nuclear Foosball

How We Did It

We 3D-printed eleven Trump heads and eleven Kim heads, using a pair of existing CAD templates. Our friends at Creative Awards did the modifications, scaling and then modelling the necks to fit the collar.

They then fitted the heads to our freshly-decapitated football players and finally applied ultra-realistic skin tones and hair colour. Perhaps the hardest part of the whole project was trying various shades of orange (from ‘Satsuma’ to ‘Dayglo’) to find the correct tone for Trump. But we think we’ve nailed it.

If you want to have a go, this is the CAD template we used for Trump (you’ll need to buy it). The Kim template is free to use. We think our Strikeworth Aurora or Strikeworth Classic table football tables are perfect for the job. Some preparation is required.

CAD files of Trump and Kim Jong Un

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