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Stern James Bond 007 60th Anniversary Limited Edition Pinball Machine

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  • Exclusive 60th anniversary limited edition model.
  • LCD screen mounted into playfield.
  • Lots of Bond Assignments from MI5.
  • Limited to 500 machines.
  • Special exclusive machine topper.

Product Description

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Celebrating 60 Years of Bond!

In 2023, it's the 60th anniversary of the James Bond film franchise. And Chicago's Stern Pinball have released a special commemorative edition to mark the occasion! With a host of special decorative elements and an artwork package that draws from films right across the canon, you'll be amazed at how much Stern has squeezed in.

It's based on the existing James Bond pinball series by Stern and offers that same great gameplay, but with some extra special features, components and additions, making this without question the ultimate - and most collectible - Bond pinball ever!

The pinball James bond 60th anniversary features.

Thrilling Playfield with All The Toys

You'll take command of the playfield using the spinning hat in the centre - keen-eyed Bond fans will recognise this as Oddjob's hat. Line up accurate sniper shots against various targets all over the playfield as you build your score. Soar into the air using the moving Jetpack feature and drop the pinball on the Dragon Tank, or aim for the reactive Bird One missile gantry ball lock, and hit the reverse eject scoop where Bond and SPECTRE divers are engaged in a thrilling undersea battle. And there's an Aston Martin DB7 complete with working ejector seat - because of course there is.

Hit various drop targets to reach the volcano rocket base and target the 'Diamonds are Forever' optical spinner. Various ramps and wireforms transport your ball all over the playfield and help you boost your score, whilst the Goldfinger standup target activates SPECTRE weapons countdowns. With three flippers, one-way gates, orbits and of course the Bond Women shot that leads to a huge score multiplier, you'll be constantly thrilled, excited and shaken - but not stirred.

The pinball James bond 60th anniversary limited edition.

Various Game Modes & Multiballs to Master

Access a range of different game modes including Q Branch Gadget Modes, which are controlled via the Aston Martin. Work through a series of Bond Assignments, especially handed down from MI5 and for your eyes only. Then unlock the Mission Multiball or Villain Multiball for a sudden, frantic and fast-firing action experience that you'll never forget! Collect all six Bond actors as you play, and remember, no matter what you do or where you are, SPECTRE henchmen are always on the chase.

Your scores rackup on truly old-fashioned mechanical reels, in a nod to the classic origins of this machine. An LCD video screen is mounted directly into the playfield too, for showing cut-scenes, mission details and much, much more. It's the ultimate gaming collectible and the kind of games room gadget that even Q would approve of, for any Bond fan.

The pinball James bond 60th anniversary cabinet.

Exclusive Machine Topper

The 60th Anniversary LE edition boasts a range of exclusive and cool features. Unique artwork around the machine shows portraits of every Bond, with Stern's Insider Connected technology keeping you linked up with Stern for special Assignments, unlockable features, software updates and more. Grab the Union Flag ball launch plunger and you're right into the action!

The upgraded sound system sounds beautiful at any volume, allowing you to enjoy all those rousing film scores from the ages. A shaker motor offers vibration feedback at your fingertips, and the glass is specially treated with an anti-glare coating. With production limited to just 500 machines, each individually numbered with a plaque and certificate, and a special machine topper marking this out as a very exclusive edition, the Bond 60th Anniversary LE is perhaps the most desirable pinball machine ever made.

Key Features

  • Exclusive 60th anniversary limited edition model.
  • Exciting playfield with Jetpack, Bird One missile gantry, Aston Martin DB7 & more.
  • Three flippers, Diamond spinners, Osato drop targets, Bird One rocket.
  • Dragon Tank stand-up, Thunderball reverse eject scoop with aquatic diorama under playfield.
  • LCD screen mounted into playfield for mission details & more.
  • Various ramps, wireforms & orbits to target & master.
  • One-way gates, up-post, rollovers, Bond Women orbit shot, Goldfinger stand-up & Aston Martin ejector seat.
  • Lots of Bond Assignments from MI5 to tackle & defeat, plus Mission Multiball.
  • Union Flag ball launch plunger.
  • Unique mechanical score reels.
  • Upgraded sound system with three-channel amp.
  • Limited to 500 machines with plaque & certificate.
  • Special exclusive machine topper.
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12-month parts warranty

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