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Stern Foo Fighters LE Pinball Machine

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  • The most exclusive Foo Fighters pinball!
  • Lots of extras & special features.
  • Unique outlane ball save & upper playfield.
  • Limited to just 1,000 machines with certificate.
  • 15 awesome Foo Fighters tracks to enjoy.

Product Description

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The Best... The Best... The Best Pinball Ever?

There's No Way Back once you've seen the Stern Foo Fighters Limited Edition pinball machine. It's the top-of-the-range, all-singing, exclusive collector's edition, with no expense spared and no corners cut. Stern's Foo Fighters pinball range celebrates the iconic Seattle rock band in all its speaker-shredding glory, in three editions, and you're invited to ride the Tour Van right alongside the crew.

When you buy a Stern Limited Edition version pinball, you're joining an elite club. Stern LEs are made in strictly limited production runs, with numbered plaques, certificates of authenticity and very special extra features, such anti-glare glass and a force feedback shaker motor. Many LEs are reserved even before the machines are announced, often by people connected with the license, such as band members or record label A&R offices. A Stern LE is always a fantastic investment - and a definite mic-drop games room centrepiece.

Stern's pinball machines, handmade by skilled technicians in Chicago, are masterpieces of interactive games room art. Combining beautiful original artwork, the latest in modern technology, a feature-rich playfield dripping with targets and toys, and an intelligent ruleset designed to make these machines addictive and fun to play, it's the ultimate collectible for any Foo Fighters fan - and a dead cert for any skilled pinball player, too.

A close up shot of the playfield.

Split-Level Playfield With Transport Ramps & Wireforms

Stern game designer Jack Danger has created a sensational interactive homage to the Foos. It's a fast playfield, with plenty of long shots and multiple ramp routes carrying your ball all over the arena. Raised wireforms and orbits make it a truly 3D experience, and the 'Area51' mini playfield - complete with its own targets and flipper - adds a whole new dimension to the gameplay. On the playfield you'll find custom-moulded interactive toys, like the Overlord and the Tour Van, each with their own bonuses, traps and features to explore.

And it's a target-rich environment indeed - so you'll need to use all four flippers to master it! Line up the multiple drop targets, inlanes, stand-ups and the spinner for precision shooting and sequential strikes, collect the points and unlock special game modes including various Multiball modes. There's even an industry-first 'Overdrive' outlane ball save feature - another exciting Stern innovation now out in the wild. Foo Fighters LE boasts a hectic, fast-paced playfield, and it's one that you're going to really enjoy!

Pinball Foo Fighters LE speakers.

Theme Storyline with Video Cut Scenes & More

The exciting, mission-based gameplay isn't just limited to the physical playfield. Below the translite is the LCD video screen. It's here where the storyline plays out. As the Foo Fighters, your mission is to defend Earth from an alien invader - Overlord - and battle its bot armies for victory! Cinematic set pieces and animations carry you through the story, giving the game excellent longevity and an engaging theme.

An upgraded sound system - with improved components over the Premium and Pro versions - plays the 15 included Foo Fighters tracks in stunning audio quality, and with plenty of kick! A line out allows external sound systems to be connected, too. The anti-glare playfield glass (another LE exclusive) ensures excellent visibility even under artificial lights or near windows, and the force feedback shaker motor physically rumbles your fingers as the game features are triggered. An improved Expression Lighting System LED display reacts intelligently to the gameplay and is highly adjustable, so you can really make the LE glow. With so many full spectrum RGB LEDs at your command, there's no Wasting Light on this pinball!

Foo Fighters Pinball insider connected system.

Fitted With Insider Connected Technology

Like all recent Stern pinballs, the Foo Fighters LE comes with the exciting Insider Connected technology preinstalled and ready to use. This exciting new feature allows connection to Stern via the internet, allowing you to access extra content and game features, watch videos, learn about the company and even get early access to LE machine sales!

If you're a big Foo Fighters fan and you're looking for The Best... The Best... The Best pinball around, then only the super-exclusive Limited Edition will do. Be warned - LEs don't stick around long, so buy now - cos it's truly A Matter of Time.

The features matrix for the Foo Fighter pinball machines.

Three Versions to Choose From

Stern's Foo Fighters pinball machine comes in three editions - Pro, Premium and LE. This is the (LE) Limited Edition, which is the most exclusive and expensive of the three. It has a similar playfield to the Premium, with the upper playfield and the fourth flipper, but the cabinet itself, the extra features and the unique components set the LE apart from the others.

The Pro is the most competitively priced version, with all the great gameplay at a more accessible price. It does lack a few features, like the second playfield and the fourth flipper. The Premium sits in the middle of the range, with the extra playfield features taken from the LE, but without the extra-special components. If in doubt, use the Features Matrix here to compare all three versions at a glance!

The three Foo Fighters pinball machine models.

Track list:

  • All My Life
  • Best of You
  • Breakout
  • Everlong
  • Holding Poison
  • I’ll Stick Around
  • Learn to Fly
  • Monkey Wrench
  • My Hero
  • Run
  • Something from Nothing
  • The Pretender
  • This is a Call
  • Times Like These
  • Walk

Key Features

  • Officially-licensed Foo Fighters Limited Edition pinball machine.
  • Limited to 1,000 units only.
  • With certificate of authenticity, signed by Gary Stern & Seth Davis.
  • Fitted with individually numbered LE plaque.
  • Interactive, target-rich playfield.
  • With 15 great Foo Fighters tunes to enjoy at full volume!
  • Playfield & ruleset by Stern's Jack Danger.
  • Interactive Overlord, Tour Van & UFO playfield toys.
  • Second separate upper playfield with its own flipper.
  • Shoot spinners, drops, ball traps, stand-ups & much more.
  • Various multiball modes to unlock & master.
  • Four flippers (one on upper playfield).
  • Various ramps & wireforms for various playfield locations including upper playfield.
  • Video screen for cut scenes, special features & video narrative.
  • Orbit feeding Rock'O'Meter playfield multiplier.
  • With video scenes from fictional Foo Fighters TV show.
  • Factory fitted with Stern's Insider Connected technology.
  • Full colour external graphics by Zombie Yeti.
  • Exclusive LE interior art blades, laser-cut logo armour & green powdercoat metal parts.
  • Awesome 'Rock Battle' mirrored backglass art by Zombie Yeti.
  • Anti-glare playfield glass.
  • Vibrating shaker motor for feedback.
  • Upgraded stereo sound system with 3ch amp, 10-band EQ & line-out for external speakers.
The contactless payment unit

Contactless Payment Upgrade

This pinball is fitted with a disabled coin mech. Please let us know if you wish to enable the coin mech for collecting payments for game credits. Or add a contactless payments unit, allowing you to sell credits at the touch of a card.

Select contactless payment in the menu above, or read more about the system in our contactless FAQ.

Technician working on pinball machine

Full 12-Month On-Site Warranty

Our pinball warranty gives you full 12-month cover for any fault arising, plus a further 12-month parts warranty. If your machine does develop a fault in the first year, we will dispatch a trained, experienced pinball technician to your home to fix the fault on-site. In the second year, we will offer phone assistance and supply any parts and advice necessary for repair.

This applies to private owners of pinballs based in mainland UK. Machines in commercial premises are covered for six months. Our on-site warranty is designed to give you complete peace of mind.

2 Year Warranty on All New Pinball Machines

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