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Stern Venom LE Pinball Machine

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  • Special Limited Edition version.
  • Bond with a variety of game-changing characters.
  • Highly interactive playfield & feature set.
  • Limited to just 1,000 machines.
  • Autographed by game designer Brian Eddy.
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Product Description

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The Ultimate Venom Collectible

It's Venom - the powerful symbiote from the Marvel superhero universe! The character has spawned countless comic books, toys, movies and more - and now stars in Stern Pinball's latest release! Like most Stern licenses, there are three machines to choose from - and this is the LE, or Limited Edition. With a low production run, numbered and certified machines and some extra-special features exclusive to the LE, this is the most collectible and exclusive of the lot!

You will play as Venom, the symbiote who can bond with other superheros to create powerful, unique characteristics. Your arch-enemy Carnage plans to reawaken Knull, who is the god of the symbiotes, and take control of the whole world. Only Venom, with his chosen bonded partner, can wage war on the symbiote army and defeat Carnage once and for all! As you start to play, you'll choose your bonded character from a list including Peter Parker, Riot and Eddie Brock. The game you play depends on the character you choose, with the ruleset, the music and even the playfield itself changing, depending on the character. This amazing feature offers lots of different ways to play, giving Venom plenty of longevity.

A close up shot of the Venom LE Playfield.

Highly Interactive Playfield & Mode-Based Gameplay

Enter the feature-rich playfield and get your bearings. Size up your targets and plan your shots. It's full of interactive toys, models, ball traps and more, with more traditional drop targets and stand-ups too. Each target builds your score - but there's so much more to discover! Hit the custom Doppleganger sculpture to reveal extra uplift targets, or the Carnage model to activate the ball latching mech. Aim for the four ramps (Left, Center, 180 Loop and Right) or go for the Bi-Directional U-Turn loop. Hone your sniping skills with the Agro Lab and Life Foundation shots, each of which offers different pathways and switches to keep your game interesting.

On the playfield sides are ball-stacking locks themed as symbiote containment vessels - these allow superfast returns from your shots, making your game even more exciting. Or go for the Bell Tower (with real, ringing bell) or the Mystery & Features Daily Bugle billboard. Traverse the wireframes, orbits (with up/down ball diverters) and keep shooting! As you learn the playfield, you'll discover how to unlock all the special features, game modes and more!

The Venom premium pinball insider system.

Equipped with Insider Connected Technology

With careful targeting and use of the ruleset, you'll unlock modes like Standard, Cooperation, Impossible, Monster Play and Team Play. Each has specific requirements and rewards. As your points build, you can access hectic Multiball modes, allowing you to build your score even faster. Eventually you'll start to unlock the Boss Modes, where you must defeat two Minor Bosses and two Major Bosses, before finally entering the awesome Wizard Modes - Mini Wizard, Wizard and Grand Wizard.

Use the included Insider Connected technology to save your score over many games as you continue to level up, until eventually you reach the Final Boss and complete the game! But don't worry - with plenty more hosts to choose from, and even more to be unlocked via Insider Connected, you can simply bond with a new host and play a very different game right from the beginning!

The Venom LE cabinet top.

Exclusive LE-Only Features & Components

The LE is, as you'd expect, an exceptional machine with a lot of special features. The metal parts are finished in a "Venom Goo" high-gloss sparkle protective paint, for a really eyecatching visual effect. The backglass is a fully custom design by Zombie Yeti, featuring full colour artwork and a mirrored special effect. The rest of the cabinet is also artworked by Zombie Yeti in a special, LE-only Venom vs Carnage reflective foil livery.

With its multi-LED RGB custom light displays, powerful stereo sound and breathtaking visual effects, the LE is a spectacular and unique installation. Interior art blades, an anti-glare playfield glass and a shaker motor for force feedback complete this unique and collectible machine. With only 1,000 available (and far fewer than that in the UK), it comes with an authenticity certificate signed by Stern CEO Seth Davis, an individual autograph by game designer Brian Eddy, and a unique, numbered Limited Edition plate. It really is a Marvel to look at, to hear and of course - to play!

The features matrix for the Venom pinball machines.

Three Versions to Choose From

Like most modern Stern machines, there are three versions to choose from. This listing is for the Limited Edition version, the most exclusive model. It features the most advanced playfield features and lots of special components around the cabinet, to make it look exceptional and to make it play at its very best.

Also available is the Premium, the mid-range model. It has all the advanced game features from the LE packed in, but in a more conventional, less exclusive cabinet. At the other end of the scale is the Pro version, which includes some of the same gameplay features but at a keener price. The choice is yours!

Expand the Features Matrix above to explore all three models in more detail.

The three Venom pinball machine models.

Key Features

  • Venom-themed pinball machine, officially-licensed by Marvel.
  • Special Limited Edition version - exclusive & rare!
  • High-speed playfield with plenty of targets & features.
  • Switch hosts to change rulesets, music & more!
  • Centre ramp, right ramp, 180 loop ramp & left ramp plus wireframes.
  • U-Turn Loop feature.
  • Pathway-changing Agro Lab & Life Foundation special shots.
  • Custom 3D Carnage sculpture with Surprise Attack feature.
  • Up/Down ball capture post.
  • Ball stacking Symbiote Containment Vessels.
  • Interactive Carnage playfield model.
  • Interactive bell tower model.
  • Sneaky Hideout drop target.
  • LCD video screen for scores, cut-scenes & more.
  • Software-controlled RGB LED lighting effects.
  • Multiball, Wizard & Boss Modes ready to unlock.
  • With Insider Connected technology.
  • LE-only mirrored backglass unit.
  • LE-only custom art blades.
  • LE-only force feedback shaker motor.
  • LE-only "Venom Goo" sparkle paint on metal parts.
  • LE-only autographed by game designer Brian Eddy.
  • Full stereo sound with volume control & 10-band EQ.
  • Line-out connector for external audio.
  • Cabinet art by Zombie Yeti.
  • Limited to 1,000 machines.
  • With official certificate of numbering signed by Stern CEO Gary Davis.
The contactless payment unit

Contactless Payment Upgrade

This pinball is fitted with a disabled coin mech. Please let us know if you wish to enable the coin mech for collecting payments for game credits. Or add a contactless payments unit, allowing you to sell credits at the touch of a card.

Select contactless payment in the menu above, or read more about the system in our contactless FAQ.

Technician working on pinball machine

Full 12-Month On-Site Warranty

Our pinball warranty gives you full 12-month cover for any fault arising, plus a further 12-month parts warranty. If your machine does develop a fault in the first year, we will dispatch a trained, experienced pinball technician to your home to fix the fault on-site. In the second year, we will offer phone assistance and supply any parts and advice necessary for repair.

This applies to private owners of pinballs based in mainland UK. Machines in commercial premises are covered for six months. Our on-site warranty is designed to give you complete peace of mind.

2 Year Warranty on All New Pinball Machines

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