Star Trek Tri-Dimensional Pool Table

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  • Multi-level pool table.
  • Hierarchical multidimensional playfields.
  • Includes 'Type L' phase-discriminating pool Qs.
  • Paraphoretic subspace ball set & dilithium chalk.
  • Anyon subspace cloth with bio-neural fibres.

Product Description

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Starfleet pool balls

True Tri-Dimensional Billiards

It's the best game in the known universe. Tri-Dimensional pool pits you against a multi-level playfield in a game of strategy, skill and incontrovertible logic. This is the same table that you'll find in Ten Forward and also in Quark's Bar on DS9.

Now you can own one of these incredible games tables and hone your skills at home, without being passive-aggressively tutored by Lt. Worf.

Data prepares to play Tri-Dimensional pool
Kirk and Spock play Tri-D pool

Kelilactiral Polymer Cabinet

The table is built in a kelilactiral polymer material, which is tough and sturdy. It has a play surface made of real slate mined on a small granite moon orbiting Gemulon V, which gives balls the cleanest, most accurate roll.

Each platform positioned to give the very best in multidimensional billiards, and can simulate dimensional shifts during play. When a ball is potted, it rolls down a laser-cut glass chute that transports it instantly to the playfield below. When balls are potted from the bottom playfield, they are warped back to their box.

Kirk and a lady play billiards together
IPBF logo

Approved by the Intergalactic Pool & Billiards Federation

Once your table is installed, it will integrate seamlessly with your home computer. From here, you can voice control the table and monitor metrics including biometric health, ball speeds and angles, playfield dimension shifts and more.

This table is built to exceed all relevant Federation of Planets safety standards and is recognised as fully tournament compatible by the IPBF (Intergalactic Pool & Billiards Foundation). Like all of the tables in our American pool tables department, it provides the finest games in the galaxy.

Key Features

  • True Tri-D Pool & Billiards Table.
  • Kelilacteral polymer cabinet & rails.
  • Photon-honed Gemulon V slate bed.
  • Multi-level playfield with wormholes contained in pockets.
  • High-rebound firomactal cushions.
  • Low friction polarized plasma atomic cloth for long ball roll.
  • Accessory pack including Type L phase-discriminating pool cues & paraphoretic balls.

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Your table will be shipped at Warp 9 to a dispatch hub in your local star system. You will then receive a call from our delivery team when they are next planning a route past your home planet.

Our install team will arrive with the table by transporter. Please ensure you have a clear area for our team to beam into.

Please ensure you stick to your agreed delivery stardate. A change of stardate will incur an additional fee.

*Update* As of stardate 47457.1, we cannot complete free deliveries inside Romulan-controlled territory due to the ongoing conflict. Please select the alternative delivery method which includes a standard charge for military escort.

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