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Modern Style Slate Bed American Tables

Modern Style Slate Bed American Tables

Some of the most unusual pool table designs are found on American tables, with some stunning modern designs available.

Our range of modern American pool tables includes huge brands and independent producers from across the world.

  • Made for Your Designer Games Room.
  • Browse Stylish American-Spec Tables.

Traditional Style Slate Bed American Tables

Traditional Style Slate Bed American Tables

Traditional style - wood finishes, turned and shaped legs, net pockets, pocket shields and body work are synonymous with American Tables.

From the foremost manufacturers of quality pool tables around the world, we have selected these prestigious tables.

  • American Tables for Any Venue.
  • Traditionally-Styled Slate Bed Tables.

Coin Operated American Pool Tables

Coin Operated American Pool Tables

Many American style tables can also be coin-operated and are fitted with British currency accepting mechanisms.

These tables are hard wearing and designed for commercial environments, and to earn you money.

  • Generate Income at Your Venue.
  • American Tables for Commercial Use.

Longoni American Pool Tables

Longoni American Pool Tables

Exclusive tables from one of the world's premier billiards & pool manufacturers, Longoni of Italy.

Using only the finest materials alongside authentic Italian slate, Longoni equipment provides the ultimate playing experience.

  • Get Italian Style in Your Games Room.
  • Premier-Grade Italian Pool Tables.

MDF Bed American Pool Tables

MDF Bed American Pool Tables

Love American pool tables but don't have much space? Here's the pool table solution for you.

Light weight American pool tables that can be moved around the home or even dismantled when not required.

  • Bring American Pool Home.
  • Convenient, Portable American Home Tables.

Popular Brands

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American Pool tables

It could be argued that the most beautifully designed pool tables have come from the USA. American pool tables show off some of the best styles at the traditional end of the spectrum right through to the most modern designs.

The differences between American pool tables and British pool tables are quite well known, but as a quick reference the following applies:

•    British pool tables are built to a maximum overall size of 7ft where as American designs reach full size at 9ft
•    In general the size of a British pool table refers to the overall length where as an American table is usually described using the length of its play surface.
•    American pool tables have larger pocket sizes than British models, they do however use larger 2 &3/4 inch diameter pool balls compared to just 2” found on their UK counterparts
•    The way the rubber is cut on an American table is different from that of a UK table. American cushions are cut in a wedge shape where as UK cushions are cut in an ‘L’ shape
•    Finally, the cloth used on an American pool table is different from a UK cloth. In short British pool tables use a napped cloth with a high wool content where as American tables use what’s known as a speed cloth with a high nylon content.

The size of an American pool tables tend to make them the centre piece of a room and certainly the cueing room needed around the table means a full size model takes up a considerable amount of space.

There are some famous American pool table brands including Longoni, Brunswick and Sam but surprisingly two out of three of them are actually made in Europe. This gives the UK a unique access point to some best tables in the world.

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