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Stern Jaws Limited Edition Pinball Machine


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  • Immersive Speaker Expression light display.
  • Shaker motor for in-game vibration.
  • Signed by game designer Keith Elwin.
  • Limited to 1,000 machines worldwide.
  • Officially licensed for all four Jaws movies.

Product Description

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The Ultimate Deep Sea Pinball Adventure!

Aargh! It's the absolute apex of aquatic attack animals - it's Jaws! This Limited Edition Jaws pinball is the officially-licensed game of the classic movie franchise. Expect blood, gore, and rows of sharp, pointy, tourist-maiming teeth! Join the movie's main characters - Quint, Hooper and Brady - for a high-adrenaline adventure right here on Amity Island!

You'll take control of a quad of flippers and use your targeting skills to dominate the ocean and defeat some of the most dangerous animals of the deep. Embark on a high seas adventure on a feature-rich playfield, complete with interactive models, video cut-scenes and so much more on this super-exclusive LE machine. Are you ready to go to sea?

A close up shot of the Jaw LE playfield.

Highly Interactive Game Arena with Secondary Upper Playfield

It's Stern's most impressive playfield yet! Take your pick of the interactive, moving playfield models, using the ramps and wireframes to move around. Try the Ben Gardner's Boat captive ball with its three optical sensors, and trigger the automated Great White Shark that breaks through the boat! Hit the Chum Bucket Newton ball, and target the moving Shark Fin that traverses right across the playfield. Strike the Orca Barrel, the Fish Finder targets and so much more as you build your score and battle the biggest fish of all!

Use the Wave ramp to fire your shots up and into the secondary upper playfield, themed on the Orca boat itself. Up here you'll discover a Lookout Tower and a reverse 180 wireform ramp return, plus a Ship's Wheel spinner and a Radio stand-up target. Jaws LE really does give you - literally - the most immersive pinball experience!

The Jaws Limited edition playfield shark.

Battle Through Various Modes, Wizard Modes & Multiball!

The game is deeper than simple target shooting, though. A deep and complex ruleset gives you lots of modes to unlock and explore. Try the Bounty Hunt modes, where you must target and catch five species of shark - Mako, Hammerhead, Tiger, Thresher and of course the legendary Great White. Or the Fish Finder modes, where you can master fishing techniques and explore other nautical adventures. And there are five Shark Encounter modes that are each themed on key events in the film franchise, such as Night Swim, Beach Panic, Raft Attack and more.

Progress even further into the game and you'll unlock the really special modes, including two relentless Multiball modes - Jaws Multiball and Rescue Multiball. And there are three wizard modes too, two Mini Wizard modes and of course the ultimate Final Wizard Mode. With such a range of modes to explore, you'll be playing this ocean-going pinball game til your fingers go wrinkly!

The Jaw LE Edition.

Exclusive Limited Edition Features

For this Limited Edition version, Stern has pulled out the stops to create something truly special. The LE boasts spectacular foil HD cabinet artwork by Michael Barnard, along with a mirrored backglass art based on the original movie poster. The machine armour is finished in a tough white powder-coat, and matched with internal art blades for a really polished visual effect. There's Speaker Expression lighting displaying unique visual effects that follow the storyline, such as 'Sonar' and 'Blood in the Water', and even anti-glare playfield glass and a shaker motor for vibration feedback as you play.

An upgraded speaker system, superior to the sound systems in the Pro and Premium, creates a room-filling sound for the original John Williams movie score, plus dynamic special effects and specially-recorded speech by movie star Richard Dreyfuss. Stern's unique Insider Connected technology comes as standard on all the Jaws pinballs, offering expanded game modes, competitive play and more. And as you're buying the most exclusive version, your machine will be individually autographed by game designer Keith Elwin, fitted with a numbered plate, and come with a certificate of authenticity signed by Gary Stern himself. This makes it the ultimate Jaws movie collectible, and a piece of playable movie trivia history in its own right.

The features matrix for the Jaw pinball machines.

Three Versions to Choose From

There are three versions of Stern's Jaws pinball to choose from. This listing is for the Limited Edition version, which is the rarest and most special of all. It features the same great gameplay as the Premium and LE, but with a host of exclusive, high-end machine features, components and styling touches to make it truly special.

Also available is the Premium. It plays similarly to the LE, but without some of the exclusive, high-end components. And there's the Pro, which is the most affordable version. The gameplay and quality are the same as the LE and Premium, but with some simplified playfield features. The choice is yours!

Expand the Features Matrix above to explore all three models in more detail.

The three Jaw pinball machine models.

Key Features

  • Exclusive Limited Edition Jaws-themed pinball machine.
  • Officially licensed for all four Jaws movies.
  • Nautical-themed playfield with immersive Speaker Expression Lighting system.
  • Awesome 'Orca' upper playfield with extra flipper, toys & wireforms!
  • Interactive models including Shark Cage captive ball, motorised Great White Shark, Chum Bucket, Orca Barrel, moving Shark Fin & more.
  • Various ramps & wireforms leading across the playfield & onto 'Orca' playfield.
  • Lots of themed targets including drops, stand-ups, spinners, pop bumper, optical sensors & more.
  • Four flippers to manage & master.
  • Wide range of game modes, Wizard modes, Multiball modes & more.
  • Video screen for scoring plus film footage & cut-scenes from original movie.
  • Original John Williams soundtrack & custom speech by movie star Richard Dreyfuss.
  • Striking HD reflective foil cabinet artwork by Michael Barnard.
  • Unique mirrored backglass translite based on the movie poster.
  • Interior playfield art blades.
  • Anti-glare playfield glass.
  • Shaker motor for in-game vibration feedback.
  • Upgraded stereo sound system with 3ch amp, 10-band EQ, fade adjustment & line-out audio connector.
  • Equipped with Stern Insider Connected technology.
  • 'Great White' powder-coated legs, armour, hinges & lockdown bar.
  • Limited to 1,000 machines worldwide.
  • Individually numbered with Limited Edition plate.
  • Signed by game designer Keith Elwin.
  • Includes certificate signed by Gary Stern.
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Contactless Payment Upgrade

This pinball is fitted with a disabled coin mech. Please let us know if you wish to enable the coin mech for collecting payments for game credits. Or add a contactless payments unit, allowing you to sell credits at the touch of a card.

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Full 12-Month On-Site Warranty

Our pinball warranty gives you full 12-month cover for any fault arising, plus a further 12-month parts warranty. If your machine does develop a fault in the first year, we will dispatch a trained, experienced pinball technician to your home to fix the fault on-site. In the second year, we will offer phone assistance and supply any parts and advice necessary for repair.

This applies to private owners of pinballs based in mainland UK. Machines in commercial premises are covered for six months. Our on-site warranty is designed to give you complete peace of mind.

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