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Stern Jaws Premium Pinball Machine


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  • Jaws-themed pinball machine.
  • Interactive models with various ramps, flippers, toys & wireforms.
  • Wide range of game modes, Wizard modes & Multiball modes.
  • Video screen for scoring and more.
  • Original John Williams soundtrack.

Product Description

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Based on the Hit Movie Franchise

Get your teeth into Stern's latest pinball! Based on the iconic movie franchise Jaws, it's an aquatic action adventure with plenty of bite. Join Quint, Hooper and Brady on Amity Island, where a giant shark is terrorising the beaches. Use your technique and sharpshooting to combat some of the most terrifying monsters of the deep - and save holiday season!

With such an exciting, original theme to live up to, Stern has done the franchise proud. Enter an immersive playfield experience packed with interactive models, ramps and targets, a special secondary playfield and even four flippers! Cos when you're trying to escape Jaws, you really can't have enough flippers!

A close up shot of the Jaw premium playfield.

Terrifying Moving Great White Model!

Dive into that playfield! Shoot up the motorised Great White model that smashes through the floor of Gardner's Boat. Target the Fish Finder drops, or go for the Harpoon Lane that crosses the playfield and scores a Quickshot Multiplier! Aim for the Orca Barrel pop bumper, or line up the motorised, playfield-crossing Shark Fin target. There's even a Chum Bucket with Newton ball feature.

With multiple ramps and wireforms criss-crossing the machine, your shots will travel all over. Target the right ramp where there's an illuminated model of Quint's Shack, or the 'Wave' ramp that transports your ball to the special second playfield - the Orca. Here you'll find a Lookout Tower, 180 reverse wireform return, a Ship's Wheel spinner target and more. It adds a whole new dimension to this already packed-out playfield!

A close up shot of the Jaw premium playfield.

Complex Ruleset with Lots of Modes

But if you think this game is just shooting fish in a barrel, think again. Jaws Premium boasts a complex rule set with lots of modes and missions to unlock. Go up against some of the most terrifying shark species in the ocean with Bounty Hunt, collecting mako, hammerhead, great white, thresher and tiger sharks for points. Or try something a little more peaceful with the Fish Finder modes, including Cast 'n' Catch, Super Buoys and Night Search.

As you reach the advanced stages of the game you'll unlock the most demanding modes, including Jaws Multiball, Rescue Multiball and two Mini Wizard modes. The crowning glory is the absolulely hectic Final Wizard mode, a riot of targeting and point-scoring that might make you wish you'd stayed on the beach! As always, the playfield is a riot of colour and RGB lighting, including a spectacular 'Blood in the Water' special feature display that turns the whole playfield into a sinister, moving sea of red!

The Jaw Premium Edition.

Special Premium Artwork & Finishing

The Premium cabinet features its own dedicated artwork by Michael Barnard, depicting the Orca coming under attack from the monster shark Jaws. The illuminated translite follows the same theme, and is mounted above an LCD screen that shows cut-scenes from the movies, dynamic scoring, mini animations and much more. With black powder-coat armour, legs, lockdown bar and other metal parts, the cabinet is well protected against knocks.

Sound effects, including the original John Williams score from the movies and also custom speech especially recorded by star Richard Dreyfuss, are catered for with a premium stereo sound system, managed via a three-channel amplifier and a 10-band EQ. Connect with your own sound system using the audio line-out, and tweak the fade adjustment on the front and bottom speakers to your taste. Like all modern Sterns, Jaws Premium is equipped with Stern's Insider Connected technology, which opens up a range of online features, special missions, quests and modes, and much more besides. Come on in with the Jaws Premium - the water's lovely!

The features matrix for the Jaw pinball machines.

Three Versions to Choose From

There are three versions of Stern's Jaws pinball to choose from. This listing is for the Premium version, the mid-range model. It features the same great gameplay as the Pro and LE, but with more advanced playfield models and interactivity than the Pro.

Also available is the Limited Edition, the most collectible and rarest of the lot. It has all the most advanced game features packed in, with exclusive certification and limited to a production run of only 1,000 machines. At the other end of the range is the Pro, which is the most affordable version. The gameplay and quality are the same, with some simplified playfield features. The choice is yours!

Expand the Features Matrix above to explore all three models in more detail, or click below to see our listings for each version.

The three Jaw pinball machine models.

Key Features

  • Spectacular Jaws-themed pinball machine.
  • Officially licensed for all four Jaws movies.
  • Fishing-themed playfield with various light displays.
  • Awesome 'Orca' upper playfield with extra flipper, toys & wireforms!
  • Interactive models including Shark Cage captive ball, motorised Great White Shark, Chum Bucket, Orca Barrel, moving Shark Fin & more.
  • Various ramps & wireforms leading across the playfield & onto 'Orca' playfield.
  • Lots of themed targets including drops, stand-ups, spinners, pop bumper, optical sensors & more.
  • Four flippers to manage & master.
  • Wide range of game modes, Wizard modes, Multiball modes & more.
  • Video screen for scoring plus film footage & cut-scenes from original movie.
  • Original John Williams soundtrack & custom speech by movie star Richard Dreyfuss.
  • Striking Jaws-themed cabinet artwork by Michael Barnard.
  • Illuminated backglass translite based on Orca attack theme.
  • Stereo sound system with 3ch amp, 10-band EQ, fade adjustment & line-out audio connector.
  • Equipped with Stern Insider Connected technology.
  • Tough black powder-coated legs, armour, hinges & lockdown bar.
The contactless payment unit

Contactless Payment Upgrade

This pinball is fitted with a disabled coin mech. Please let us know if you wish to enable the coin mech for collecting payments for game credits. Or add a contactless payments unit, allowing you to sell credits at the touch of a card.

Select contactless payment in the menu above, or read more about the system in our contactless FAQ.

Technician working on pinball machine

Full 12-Month On-Site Warranty

Our pinball warranty gives you full 12-month cover for any fault arising, plus a further 12-month parts warranty. If your machine does develop a fault in the first year, we will dispatch a trained, experienced pinball technician to your home to fix the fault on-site. In the second year, we will offer phone assistance and supply any parts and advice necessary for repair.

This applies to private owners of pinballs based in mainland UK. Machines in commercial premises are covered for six months. Our on-site warranty is designed to give you complete peace of mind.

2 Year Warranty on All New Pinball Machines

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