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Stern Led Zeppelin Premium Pinball Machine

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  • Ten of Led Zep’s finest tracks.
  • New Expression Lighting System.
  • The ultimate rock ‘n’ rock pinball concert experience!
  • Unique interactive Electric Magic toy.
  • Custom moulded Hindenberg zeppelin & Icarus features.

Product Description

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It's Been a Long Time

It may have been a long time since Led Zeppelin rocked and rolled but the group still remains one of the most incredible bands of all time. But that long lonely, lonely, lonely time is over for fans now, with the launch of Stern’s licensed Led Zeppelin pinball machine!

One of the greatest live bands in the world collides with the thrill of pinball in the ultimate rock music gaming experience, as you immerse yourself in this fantastic pinball, complete with ten of the best tracks from the band’s extensive back catalogue.

A close up shot of the playing field

Premium Playing

The Premium version of the Led Zeppelin pin, designed by Steve Ritchie, will guarantee you the electrifying experience you expect from Stern Pinball - but there’s more! This pinball table is fitted with Stern’s incredible Expression Lighting System, which uses 96 intelligent RGB LEDs enabling full colour spectrum control.

Located in pockets cut into the cabinet sides, this amazing feature provides full playfield illumination with synchronised custom light shows tailored for each of the songs available, bringing a Led Zep concert right into your living room or games room! Choose from Good Times Bad Times, Whole Lotta Love, Black Dog, Kashmir, Immigrant Song, Trampled Under Foot, Communication Breakdown, The Song Remains The Same, Ramble On and Rock and Roll.

A close up shot of the playing field

Ramp Up the Action

The Premium Led Zeppelin pin is fitted with four all-metal stainless steel and chrome wire ramps, including the Hot Shot reversing combo custom ramp which gives dynamic pinball action and connects to the right flipper.

A unique feature of the Led Zeppelin pin is the innovative, interactive Electric Magic device which rises up from the playfield to become a physical spinner, magnetic ball lock and ball capture with features including multiball, Frenzy and Rock Out, not to mention a gate which echoes the iconic exploding Hindenberg artwork and the fantastic 13-inch long zeppelin sculpture.

Part of the Led Zeppelin pinball.

Art from the Start

This pin will create an eye-popping attraction in any room with its fabulous translite! It uses the cover image of the very first Led Zeppelin album, recorded back in 1969, and its depiction of the Hindenberg airship exploding into flames.

Designer Stephen Jensen has echoed that iconic imagery with his artwork for the sides of the cabinet, while a black wrinkle finish accentuates the side armour, hinges, front lockdown moulding, steel bottom arch and legs, fitting perfectly with the hard rock feel of this machine.

The features matrix for the Led Zeppelin pinball machines.

Three Versions Available

Like most Stern pinballs, Led Zeppelin is available in three different editions. This is the Premium edition, which falls in the middle of the range. It has all the features of the Pro edition, but with some extras and upgrades borrowed from the exclusive LE.

The Pro edition is the most accessible of the range, available at the best price but missing some of the features of the Premium and LE. The Limited Edition versions, made in a run of only a few hundred machines, add new features, extra toys and more exclusivity. Read about all the differences in detail in the Features Matrix here.

The three Led Zeppelin pinball machine models.

Key Features

  • Led Zeppelin I album cover translite.
  • Designed by Steve Ritchie.
  • Expression Lighting System.
  • All new software controlled 10 band graphic equaliser.
  • LED light up song list.
  • Hermit stand up target.
  • 4 stainless and chrome wire ramps.
  • Side cabinet artwork designed by Stephen Jensen.
  • Reversing combo ramp.
  • Electric Magnet toy.
  • Live concert footage with animations.
  • Exclusive Brendon Small character speech.
  • 13-inch Hindenburg zeppelin model.
  • Leaping Swan Song Records Icarus toy.
  • 6 pinballs.
  • 68 RGB software controlled LEDs.
  • Powder coated black wrinkle finish side armour and legs.
  • Stereo sound system with 3-channel amplifier.
  • CPU mounted line-out audio connection for external amplification.
  • Dimensions: 192cm (H) x 69cm (W) x 140cm (L).
  • Weight: 113kg.
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Full 12-Month On-Site Warranty

Our pinball warranty gives you full 12-month cover for any fault arising, plus a further 12-month parts warranty. If your machine does develop a fault in the first year, we will dispatch a trained, experienced pinball technician to your home to fix the fault on-site. In the second year, we will offer phone assistance and supply any parts and advice necessary for repair.

This applies to private owners of pinballs based in mainland UK. Machines in commercial premises are covered for six months. Our on-site warranty is designed to give you complete peace of mind.

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Contactless Payment Upgrade

This pinball is fitted with a disabled coin mech. Please let us know if you wish to enable the coin mech for collecting payments for game credits. Or add a contactless payments unit, allowing you to sell credits at the touch of a card.

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2 Year Warranty on All New Pinball Machines

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140 cm (55 18 inches)
69 cm (27 316 inches)
192 cm (75 916 inches)
113 kg (249 lbs)

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