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Stern Led Zeppelin Pro Pinball Machine

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  • Pinball meets the greatest rock band!
  • Audio from 10 of Led Zeppelin’s finest songs.
  • Custom-moulded Hindenburg model.
  • Led Zeppelin III album translite.
  • All-new software controlled 10 band graphic equaliser.

Product Description

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Whole Lotta Pinball!

Undeniably one of the most significant and important bands of all time, Led Zeppelin’s influence is still felt on music today, over 50 years since Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and John Bonham got together. Their music – and Led Zeppelin are one of the best-selling artists of all time – is still loved and revered by millions.

Pinball fans around the world have been hoping for years that there would one day be a Led Zeppelin pin and now Stern Pinball has answered those wishes with a phenomenal new machine that pays homage to an astounding rock legend.

A close up shot of the playing field

Rock & Roll

The Pro version of Stern Led Zeppelin features artwork from the 1970 chart-topping album Led Zeppelin III and, just as excitingly, that record’s iconic opening track, Immigrant Song. It’s one of nine of Led Zeppelin’s greatest songs which feature on this pin.

Rock out as you play to Good Times Bad Times, Whole Lotta Love, The Song Remains The Same, Rock and Roll, Trampled Under Foot, Kashmir, Black Dog and Communication Breakdown. Game features are updated at the start of each verse and chorus of each song, and you can select your song choice at the start of every ball.

A close up shot of the playing field

Good Times!

Gameplay on Stern Led Zeppelin Pro is as consistently thrilling as the music which inspired it. The playfield features period portraits of each band member as well as a custom-moulded 13-inch long Hindenburg Zeppelin toy, based on the imagery from the band’s very first album. When lit, the Zeppelin scores speed locks as you aim for the Zeppelin multiball.

A custom sculpted Icarus toy, instantly recognisable as the icon of Swan Song Records, provides extra excitement as it leaps into the air when hit by the ball. Three all-metal stainless steel and chrome wire ramps direct the balls into play, while there are four spell-outs - L-E-D, Z-E-P, R-O-C-K and R-O-L-L - which give you a chance to rack up your score.

Part of the Led Zeppelin pinball.

The Sound Doesn't Remain the Same

Thanks to an all-new software controlled 10-band graphic equaliser, you can tune the sound to your preferences, while a stereo sound system with 3-channel amplifier will make you feel like you’re playing pinball at a Led Zeppelin gig!

Stern Led Zeppelin Pro features live concert footage with custom animations for each song, as well as an exclusive voice track by actor and musician Brendon Small. The backbox also features adjustable dimming lighting - so you really can customise this pin just how you want.

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Three Versions Available

Like most Stern pinballs, Led Zeppelin is available in three different editions. This is the Pro edition, the most affordable and entry-level model.

The more expensive, exclusive Premium and Limited Edition versions add new features, extra toys and more exclusivity. Read about all the differences in detail in the Features Matrix here.

The three Led Zeppelin pinball machine models.

Key Features

  • Designed by Steve Ritchie.
  • Swan Song Records custom sculpted Icarus model.
  • 13 RGB software controlled LEDs.
  • 3 stainless and chrome ramps.
  • Side cabinet artwork by Stephen Jensen.
  • 3 bank Z-E-P drop targets.
  • Exclusive Brendon Small character speech.
  • 3 L-E-D stand-up targets.
  • Live concert footage with custom animations.
  • Stereo sound system with 3-channel amplifier.
  • 6 pinballs.
  • 10 band graphic equaliser with separate control for backbox and cabinet speakers.
  • CPU mounted line-out audio connection for external amplification.
  • Dimensions: 192cm (H) x 69cm (W) x 140cm (L).
  • Weight: 113kg.
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Full 12-Month On-Site Warranty

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This applies to private owners of pinballs based in mainland UK. Machines in commercial premises are covered for six months. Our on-site warranty is designed to give you complete peace of mind.

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Contactless Payment Upgrade

This pinball is fitted with a disabled coin mech. Please let us know if you wish to enable the coin mech for collecting payments for game credits. Or add a contactless payments unit, allowing you to sell credits at the touch of a card.

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2 Year Warranty on All New Pinball Machines

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140 cm (55 18 inches)
69 cm (27 316 inches)
192 cm (75 916 inches)
113 kg (249 lbs)

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