What Size Room Will I Need For My Snooker Table?

A snooker table is a physically large piece of games room equipment. Only the most spacious games rooms will have room for one. Check that you have enough space using our guide below.

Different Sizes of Snooker Table

True snooker tables come in three common sizes. The full-size, tournament-spec table is 12ft in length, and just over 6ft wide. For those without the space for a full-size table, there’s the 9ft option, often called a 3/4-size table. Somewhere in between is the other popular size, which is 10ft in length.

For tables smaller than 9ft, please see our Pool Table Room Size Guide for a guide to measuring your room size.

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How to Calculate Your Space

You’ll calculate the space you need by measuring the playfield (not the whole table) from the inside of each cushion, in both length and width, and then adding double the length of your cue. This is to allow players to use a cue from any angle on the table, without being limited by walls or furniture.

So if you have a 9ft table with a playfield 127cm wide, and a 57-inch cue which is 145cm in length, you’ll add 127cm + 145cm + 145cm = 417cm. This is the minimum room width you’ll need to be able to use a full-size cue. The same table, with a playfield length of 254cm, would require 544cm of space lengthways.

A guide to measuring your games room for a snooker table.

All of our measurements are based on commonly-available snooker tables. These may differ from table to table, so you should obtain the precise dimensions of the table you’re looking at before doing your calculations.

Minimum Room Dims with 57-inch Cue

Table Size Playfield Width Playfield Length Min Room Width Min Room Length
9ft 127cm 254cm 417cm 544cm
10ft 147cm 294cm 437cm 584cm
12ft 178cm 356cm 468cm 646cm

Delivery Access

Of course, it isn’t just your games room that you’ll need to check for space. Snooker tables are large, and are assembled in your home by technicians. You need to ensure that the access routes through your home or premises are wide enough for the components to be carried through safely.

If in doubt, contact our sales staff, who can work with you to check access and advise.

Now you can browse our range of snooker tables of all sizes, and choose the perfect one to fit your games room.

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