How do I put music on my Jukebox?


Replica jukeboxes feature a “draw loading” CD player similar to that of a hi-fi system that will allow you to play one CD at a time. Full size jukeboxes that hold 80-100 CD’s require that you manually load up a cartridge with the CD’s you wish to have available for selection.

Digital Music

Digital music can be played through replica jukeboxes using USB ports. These will accept Flash Memory Drives and MP3 players up to 2GB in size and will play MP3 music files. Please take care when using these features to make sure your music is in the MP3 format as WAV and FLAC files are often not compatible with these products.

Full size jukeboxes will either feature an encoding program which you can use to load your favourite CD’s or downloads or will require a music subscription from a music provider that can be installed via an Ethernet internet connection or update CD that is loaded via CD-ROM drive.


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