What jukebox should I purchase for my pub or commercial premises ?


Video Transcription :

If you own or lease a public house, the days of putting a beautiful free standing CD jukebox at the corner of the bar have all but gone. What has replaced the customer's control over what comes out of the speakers (and what puts money in your pocket) are digital jukeboxes. Nearly all digital jukeboxes are now wall mounted and use a touch screen interface for customers to choose their playlist. As a publican you can purchase this digital 'hardware' but by law you are required to take out a music supply contract, which is not as complicated as it my sound.

In short, the jukebox will come pre loaded with a vast number of songs for your customer to listen to, however to keep the music up to date and the jukebox performing well financially it must be updated on a weekly or monthly basis with new chart hits. This is done by the music providers who charge a fee for the service. These days the updates are sent to you on a CD to insert into the Jukebox or more simply they are automatically downloaded to the jukebox via an internet cable. Some digital models have additional features including Karaoke programmes and the ability to advertise up and coming pub events on the screens through a simple on screen Keyboard production software.


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