What brand still manufactures bubbler style Jukeboxes ?


Video Transcription :

In the world of jukeboxes, the illuminated dome top design popularised by Wurlitzer's 1015 model in 1946 is still the most popular model today. These superb machines are still being produced albeit catering for more up to date music media. The main brands to be aware of and consider when choosing this type of freestanding model include Rock Ola, Wurlitzer and Sound Leisure. Rock Ola are a legendary brand in jukebox circles being established in 1927 by David Cullen Rockola and still manufacture the superb looking and sounding Bubbler models to this day. More recently Rock Ola have modernised their CD jukeboxes with Ipod docking stations, and leapt ahead with full digital technology complete with touch screens encased in their beautiful cabinet design. Wurltizer remain a strong brand name and their domestic models are now manufactured in Germany through Deutsche Wurltizer. Finally a more recent addition to the tradition is a company called Sound Leisure who produce a broad range of both wall mounted digital jukeboxes and dome top domestic models.

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