What Replacement Pucks & Pushers are Suitable for My Table?

Replacement Air Hockey Pucks

Air hockey pucks come in a range of sizes, each designed to suit a particular kind of table.

The size of the puck directly influences the style of game. Smaller, lighter pucks are easier to move, so these are popular on home air hockey tables aimed at children and families. But heavier, larger pucks travel faster, as they carry more momentum. So they're ideally suited to larger tables with longer playfields and higher game speeds, like purpose-made commercial air hockey tables.

If you are buying replacements for your table, you should carefully check the puck size and order the same one. This is because the goal mouths, internal puck chutes and other parts of the table are precisely machined for the size of puck that comes with the table, and a larger one could get jammed.

Buying smaller pucks is also not advised, because the fans and airflow are carefully balanced to give the standard puck the correct amount of lift. A smaller, lighter puck is likely to fly off the table, giving you a frustrating game.

The Strikeworth Pro Ice air hockey table with pucks & pushers.

The Strikeworth Pro Ice air hockey table with its 76mm puck. (From £9.99) [ view in store ]

Another point to note is that the puck should be replaced with one of a similar colour. Some goal detection sensors can fail to detect pucks that are a different colour to standard. This is another reason why it's always best to stick to original manufacturer equipment.

Check the table below to see the standard puck sizes for some of our most popular tables, and browse our spare air hockey pucks here.

Replacement Air Hockey Pushers

Air hockey pushers, bats or mallets are an essential part of your game. This is how you control and shoot the puck, so your pushers need to be in good condition and ready to use.

They are designed to suit the table they come with. Taking into account airflow, fan power, game speed and the strength of the players, they will return shots with a minimum of mis-hits.

But you can upgrade your pushers to some of a similar size. Many people upgrade to gain the features of more expensive pushers, like shock-absorbing impact rings, more ergonomic handle designs and heavier weight.

You may find that the felt wears on the base of your pushers. If spare felts are available, they should be replaced, and if not, you need to buy some more pushers. See our range of replacement and upgraded air hockey pushers here.

The pushers supplied with the Jet air hockey table.

The air hockey pushers supplied with the Tekscore Jet. (From £9.99) [ view in store ]

Pucks For Home Air Hockey Tables & Multi Games

Table Name Puck Size
Strikeworth Pro Ice 75mm
Mightymast Vortex 75mm
Buffalo Hurricane 63mm
Buffalo Terminator 63mm
Gamesson Shark 65mm
Buffalo Dominator 63mm
Buffalo Typhoon 63mm
Typhoon 2-in-1 60mm
Twister 7ft 63mm
Buffalo Blizzard 63mm
Buffalo Dominator 63mm
Buffalo Typhoon 63mm
Gamesson Coliseum 75mm
Whirlwind 4ft 55mm (can also use 50mm)
Gamesson Spectrum 75mm

Pucks For Commercial Air Hockey Tables

Table Name Puck Size
SAM Fast Track Mk1 70mm
SAM Fast Track Mk2 70mm
SAM Fast Soccer 70mm
WIK Gold 70mm
WIK Comix 70mm
WIK Black 70mm
SAM Fast Track Mk3 70mm
WIK Magic 70mm
WIK Skate 70mm
SAM Baby Air 70mm
WIK Shark Outdoor 70mm
SEGA Sonic Sports 70mm
SAM Superstrike 70mm
WIK Storm Outdoor 70mm
SAM Baby Evo 70mm
SAM Double Evo 70mm
SEGA Hello Kitty 70mm
SAM Fast Soccer 70mm
SAM Slalom Evo 70mm
SAM Fast Tennis 70mm
SAM Yukon Evo 70mm
SAM Black Track 70mm
SAM Cosmic Fast Track 70mm
SAM Yukon Black 70mm
SAM Yukon Titan 70mm
SAM Yukon Vulcan UV 70mm
SAM Fast Track Evo 70mm
SAM Yukon Rugby 70mm
SAM Yukon American Football 70mm
SAM Yukon Fast Soccer 70mm
SAM Yukon Patriot 70mm
SAM Yukon Union Jack 70mm
SAM Double Fast Track 70mm
SAM Double Fast Soccer 70mm
SAM Double Fast Tennis 70mm
Namco Pac-Man Smash Mixed set

For more guidance on buying an air hockey table, read our comprehensive Air Hockey Table Buyer's Guide and view our full range of air hockey tables and accessories.

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