What is an Air Hockey Table & how does it work?


Video Transcription :

An air hockey table has a similar appearance to a pool table when viewed from a distance; however the playing surface is very different. Air hockey tables are built using an extremely smooth surface perforated by thousands of miniature air holes.

Underneath the table a fan is fitted that blows upwards into the table cavity and ultimately forces jets of air to rush thought surface holes.

Players stand either end of the table with mallets or pushers and strike a flat disc known as a puck with the aim of getting the puck to go into the opponent's goal.

The jets on the table create an air cushion underneath the puck allowing it to float across the play surface. It is this reduction in friction that allows the air hockey puck to reach such high speeds. The skill of air hockey is not just to knock the puck directly at the opponents goal mouth, but also to use the sides of the table (known as rebound rails) to attack the opponents goal area from a variety of different angles.

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