What room size do I need for my pool table?

And what are the different pool table sizes?

Making sure you have enough cueing room around your pool table is an important consideration to make sure you get the best possible playing experience.

As a rule of thumb, we suggest allowing 5ft of cueing room around each side of your table. You can use our sizing chart below as a quick guide. Firstly identify the size of table you are interested in:

  • British 6ft - often found in pubs and homes where space is a bit tight.
  • British 7ft - full size as played in pool leagues.
  • American 8ft - a slightly smaller version of the American table popular in the UK.
  • American 9ft - considered to be the full sized American table.
  • Snooker Table 10ft - a smaller sized snooker table where space is limited.
  • Snooker Table 12ft - full tournament sized snooker table.

Most tables come with 48" cues as standard, but should you want longer or shorter cues, the recommended room size changes accordingly. If there is the odd tight spot in your particular room, this is quite normal and we do provide half size cues in these circumstances.

6ft pool table size 7ft pool table size 8ft pool table size
6ft pool table cueing room 7ft pool table cueing room 8ft pool table cueing room

Please note all measurements are approximate.

Table Size Playing Area 48" Cue 52" Cue 57" Cue 60" Cue
6' x 3' 66" x 33"
168cm x 84cm
14'6" x 11'9"
442cm x 358cm
15'2" x 12'5"
462cm x 378cm
16' x 13'3"
488cm x 404cm
16'6" x 13'9"
503cm x 419cm
7' x 3'6" 78" x 39"
198cm x 99cm
15'4" x 12'2"
467cm x 371cm
16' x 12'10"
488cm x 391cm
16'10" x 13'8"
513cm x 417cm
17'4" x 14'2"
528cm x 432cm
8' x 4' 88" x 44"
224cm x 112cm
16'4" x 12'8"
498cm x 386cm
17' x 13'4"
518cm x 406cm
17'10" x 14'2"
544cm x 432cm
18'4" x 14'8"
559cm x 447cm
8' x 4' (Oversized) 92" x 46"
234cm x 117cm
16'8" x 12'10"
508cm x 391cm
17'8" x 13'6"
538cm x 411cm
18'2" x 14'4"
554cm x 437cm
18'8" x 14'10"
569cm x 452cm
9' x 4'6" 100" x 50"
254cm x 127cm
17'4" x 13'2"
528cm x 401cm
18'4" x 13'10"
559cm x 422cm
18'10" x 14'8"
574cm x 447
19'4" x 15'2"
589cm x 462cm
10' x 5' 112" x 56"
284cm x 142cm
18'4" x 13'8"
559cm x 417cm
19'4" x 14'4"
589cm x 437cm
19'10" x 15'2"
605cm x 462cm
20'4" x 15'8"
620cm x 478cm
12 x 6' 124" x 62"
315cm x 157cm
19'4" x 14'2"
589cm x 432cm
20'4" x 14'10"
620cm x 452cm
20'10" x 15'8"
635cm x 478cm
21'4" x 16'2"
650cm x 493cm

Video Transcription (from above):

The best way to describe how much cueing room you're going to need around your table is to work using the play surface of the table as your main guide. Now, on slate bed tables when you're looking at a 7 foot by 4 foot table, that is discussing the overall length and width of the table. However, when you take off the rails at the side of the table and also the cushions, you then end up having about a foot less on the actual play surface, and it's at this point we need to measure from, because it's at that point that the first part of the tip of the cue will be striking the ball.

So if you're looking at a 7 foot by 4 foot table, we'd normally take off a foot off the length and a foot off the width, so take it down as a 6 foot by 3 foot play surface. We'd recommend about 5 feet worth of cueing room around each edge. So down the length of the table, you'll take 5 foot, then the length of the play surface, which is 6 foot, then 5 foot again, which totals 16 feet. On the width, it's the same, 5 foot, but this time 3 foot across for the play surface and then another 5 foot the other side, giving you a total of 13 feet.

Now this is a perfect cueing area. However, we do provide the tables generally with 48 inch cues. These are 4-foot cues, which means you have the extra flexibility of another foot off, and that means you may be able to still squeeze in a full size table into the room space. We also have short or junior cues that are available at 3 foot for any tight cueing angles which might occur in some places.

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