Will my table have accessories included with it?


Video Transcription :

Every pool table that you see listed on the Liberty Games website generally will come with two medium size, or 48-inch cues, a ball set, a triangle, and some chalk to match the cloth colour that you've chosen. Now these are definitely the basics that you need to play pool.

However, you might also want to consider things to maintain your table, for example, a brush or a cover for the table. Similarly, you might want some other accessories for your games room, such as a cue rack to keep the room tidy, and you may also want to consider some pool table lighting. This can be quite an important feature when playing pool, to have a focused stream of light onto the play surface.

To help with your choice of accessories, you should find on most pool table listings, at the bottom of the listing, there are some suggested accessories that will be relevant to that product, and these can be added to your shopping cart at any time.

Further Information :

Yes, all pool tables are supplied with a set of free accessories that will include two cues, a set of balls and a triangle. This means you will have everything you need to start playing as soon as your tables arrives.

Check the listing for your desired table to see what accessories are supplied for free and remember - there are plenty more accessories to choose from available from Liberty Games!


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