What is the difference between MDF tables and Slate Bed pool tables?


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This is a question we get regularly asked on a day-to-day basis, and it's important to understand the differences when making a choice.

If you've ever played on a table at a pub or a club or a commercial premises, you've generally been playing on a slate bed table. By that, we mean that the surface that the balls roll on is actually a piece of slate or rock that has been completely levelled, and the construction of the table around that piece of slate tends to be of quite a high quality.

Now an MDF table is generally based on a price point. It's there to replicate the play you get on a higher end pool table, but it's generally been designed for fun and for home use, and also to be light enough to be moved around in the house. You also tend to find that, because these tables are chasing a price point, they tend to use slightly cheaper materials so you don't generally get quite as good a cushion response as you would get on a slate bed table, and also the cloth they use is slightly different.

However, both bodies of the tables are generally built out of MDF. However, the slate bed tables tend to use a higher quality laminate around the MDF construction, and they tend to require larger supports to support the weight of the slate bed.

So the main thing to think about is that your cushion response, the cloth quality, and the build quality on the slate bed tables is going to be at an absolute premium. However, with a slate bed table, you can't move the table around. They generally weigh around 250 kilograms. But with an MDF table, expect this to be more of a fun table, but it's got the advantage of being lightweight. It can be moved around. It could be packed down, but just watch out for the fact that you won't get quite the same play response as you would from a slate bed table you've played in the pubs.

Further Information :

MDF tables are designed for use at home. They are constructed from lightweight materials that make them ideal for family use, and are often designed with storage features such as foldable legs.

Slate bed tables are commercial quality tables. The playing surface is made from genuine slate and is considered the “truest” surface for all billiard games. Pool and snooker tables found in pubs and clubs around the world will be slate bed tables.

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